Hintertux is part of the new collection that KREEZE staff has developed for ski touring, an incredibly versatile shell specifically designed to protect you from the elements (snow, wind and cold). Hintertux features sought after materials: thermal, windproof and membrane on the front and extremely breathable Super Roubaix on the back for long expedition in harsh weather.

MOBILITY: Soft, light and non-restrictive patterning for a very relaxed garment. The stretchiness of the fabrics ensures comfort and freedom of movement.

BREATHABILITY: It is important that a jacket breathe to keep you dry from liquid on the inside of the jacket as well as from precipitation outside. Hintertux is a medium weight shell with Super Roubaix material on the back for superior moisture management.

FEATURES: Hintertux has been created with ideal set features, thinking on every single detail to excel, like the quality and placement of zippers, zipper pulls, pockets and hood. Our ski touring jacket has two high-set hand warmer pockets and two chest pockets. This shell provides space for your hands and quick external access to small-item storage. The most basic requirement for any performance-oriented jacket is to have pockets that lie above a backpack’s waistbelt: huge, easy to open, and that do not throw you off balance when you are opening them.

HOOD: This is what covers your head and seals out the elements; having a hood that is can make terrible weather much less miserable. This Lycra roll away hood pulls out of the collar and it is very comfortable when worn under the helmet.

CUFFS: Thumb loops on the cuffs to keep the snow out and wrist gaiter.