abbigliamento sci fondo Kreeze

When we think about going to the mountains we usually imagine landscapes that transport us far away from our daily problems and make us feel alive.The quiet embrace of the snow in a pristine paradise where time and space stand still, almost risen into the air.

Waiting for the weekend to reach the trail and enjoy a day breathing the Dolomit’s fresh air makes our spirit stronger and our soul peaceful . We have learnt the full satisfaction of getting what we had thought unachievable. On these skis we have been delighted in breathtaking sceneries, we have smeltextraordinary fragrances and experienced places we’ll never forget.

Sport Passion
Creative Power
Technological Innovation
Fashion & Design

This is what inspired us for this new collection. Constancy, discipline, sacrifice and the courage to test our limits, to break through barriers with every step we take. What help us to stay the course with this project and on this pair of skis. Because life is about overtaking and every day we learn we have so much to live. The only way to do it is giving it our absolute all every day.

KREEZE 2015-2016:
Cross country wear’s evolution