Cross-country season has almost finished and it’s time to evaluate the clothing we have been wearing all these moths so as to be sure for next winter. In this first article we are going to give five pieces of advice to choose a good and effective thermal and technical jacket, while trying to not commit the same mistakes as in the past.

Below you will find a simple framework showing essentials features that a cross-country jacket should have:

1. Breathable, elastic and windproof fabric. Materials are essential when choosing a garment. Our jacket has to feature wind protection, obviously to keep us warm and protect us during the windy days and during descents.

Another characteristic of the jacket is the elasticity, which will allow your varied body movements. It’s important picking fabrics that features good freedom of movements for your arms, which must be free when controlling the poles.

Last but not least it’s breathability. You should choose a jacket with good wicking properties and a efficient moisture transport system to keep you dry and your body temperature constant. How many times have you been sweated after the first ascent and have had to continued on the rest of the course wet?

2. Reflective inserts: Reflex elements are details to not overlook when buying your new cross country jacket. Reflective inserts can be very useful after spending the day in the ski tracks because they help you to be visible when walking to your hotel or car, or when crossing congested roads. The shine of the jacket can spare you any bad incident.



3. Zipped pockets: For keys, identity card, gloves, to keep your hands warm, for your mobile, MP3, tissues…A good technical jacket without zipped pockets is like toast without cheese.
Choose a shell with zipped pockets where storage of your personals belongings, and with inner thermo fleece, to warm your cold hands.

4.Zip-cover: One of the things I personally can stand is when the zip of my ski jacket scratches my neck and chin. And what about men that have to pay attention when closing and opening their jacket zip because of the beard. Solution? A simple zip-cover that protects these areas and it’s also windproof.

5. Elastic Silicon gripper: Last but not least is the gripper. We prefer those made from silicon because it remains fixed in place. As a result, the jacket won’t rise up while pedalling avoiding air entering just when we don’t want it. Brrrr!! Soccold!!!

In conclusion, these are the five main attributes for a technical cross country jacket. And you, what do you think? What other features do you take into account when buying your winter shell?